The Path to Practice Profitability 

Is Patient Self-Scheduling a Secret Weapon? 

Digital-first experiences are becoming more frequent and familiar in everyday life, from scheduling dinner reservations online to getting prescriptions delivered at your doorstep. This digital-first preference is only growing on the heels of the global pandemic and it’s extending into every aspect of a person’s regular routine, including their interactions with specialty practices. 

These types of self-service options are changing healthcare, making ease-of-access the expectation. 90% of patients would consider abandoning a provider that doesn’t offer digital access. To compete, specialty practices are rethinking patient engagement and they're seeing significant revenue results. 

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  • Understand how self-scheduling can benefit your practice and increase patient acquisition 
  • Define where to start as you consider digital patient engagement options 
  • See how you can remove friction from patient self-scheduling 
  • Review the profitability impacts practices are seeing 

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