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Practices rely on front-desk staff to keep patients calm and happy, while running the day-to-day operations of a growing practice. Clearwave is purpose-built to support this effort by relieving many of those workloads, giving staff more time to genuinely interact with patients and reducing time spent on data entry and other menial tasks. No more staying late to solve insurance issues, rushing through patient check-in or handling awkward payment conversations. With Clearwave doing the heavy lifting for patient registration, communications, insurance verification and payments, your daily routine looks more like this: 

Drop Tedious Check-in Responsibilities -> Gain Genuine Patient Interactions 

Clearwave takes all the menial check-in work and impersonal interactions off of your plate, like swiping credit cards, asking repetitive questions, capturing card images, data entry and more. You won’t have to rush through an endless line of patients or cautiously enter illegible data into your PMS. Clearwave doesn’t take away from the patient interaction, it only removes the repetitive registration work from your day-to-day!  

Drop Payment Challenges -> Gain More Enjoyable & Fulfilling Workdays 

Clearwave removes the burden of asking for patient payment of co-pays and past-due balances. You no longer have to be the sole collector, asking for payments in a crowded waiting room or dealing with patient payment frustrations. When patients check-in via Clearwave they are prompted to make payments privately. This privacy helps to increase collections and reduce patient and staff anxiety around payments — keeping the interaction focused on health care, not a card swipe. 

Drop Opportunity for Error -> Gain Improved Job Satisfaction 

Clearwave enables data entry automation and pushes accurate patient inputs directly into your PMS, which means you don’t have to decipher illegible hand-written paperwork. All updates to patient data are automatically reconciled in the PMS, meaning you no longer need to manually update patient accounts or ask them for their new information. With high utilization of Clearwave, your risk of entering patient data incorrectly drops dramatically, helping practices reduce claims rejections and resubmission costs. 

Drop Insurance Verification Workloads -> Gain Enhanced Work-Life Balance 

Using Clearwave, you’re free from the time-consuming tasks associated with instant eligibility verification. Clearwave performs multiple eligibility checks, determines accurate co-pays, presents and collects them at check-in — all without staff intervention. Go from spending hours to just minutes in a day focused on eligibility verification. Clearwave’s user-friendly dashboard provides a complete view of scheduled patients and sends convenient alerts that flag insurance errors, speeding up the process and reducing the need for staff to call on insurance providers. 

Drop Crowded Waiting Rooms -> Gain Happier Patients! 

Reduce time spent dealing with frustrated patients whose appointments are behind schedule. The longer patients wait, the more complaints you field. Clearwave reduces waiting room times by 90% helping patients see their provider faster! Now, you can focus your efforts on genuine patient interactions, like greeting patients or helping those who need additional support — all without a line out the door! Your providers will be happy to stay on schedule, meaning they can see more patients per day. 

Drop Endless Training -> Gain Time Back in Your Day 

Working at a healthcare practice, you're using multiple systems, daily. Clearwave is designed with this insight in mind. Practices that use Clearwave have seen upwards of a 30% drop in new-hire training time, by providing an easy-to-use platform and removing other mundane tasks like paperwork, insurance verification, check-in, etc.. Clearwave also offers fast support via phone, email or the Dashboard, and a CAREcommunity with new-hire training resources, videos and more, get familiar here

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