Top 6 Trends Dermatology Practices Will Face in 2024

In 2024, ongoing revenue challenges are expected to intensify for dermatology practices. Between inflation, economic uncertainty, increasing staffing costs and Medicare payment reductions — dermatology practices will need to find ways to get ahead next year.   

Whether you’re trying to expand your practice in 2024 or simply streamline and optimize your operations, see the top 6 trends that will impact your efforts.  

  1. Time in Accounts Receivable (AR) is Steadily Increasing  
  2. Rising Medicare Reimbursement Cuts Continue to Slash Earnings  
  3. Minimum Wage Increases for Healthcare Workers Spike Practice Costs 
  4. Physician Shortages are Increasing Dermatology Demand and Time-to-Care  
  5. Dermatology Patients are Urgently Pushing for Modern Clinical Intake Procedures 
  6. Patient Attrition is Increasing, Causing Significant Dips in Revenue  

Download the guide and find out how your practice can earn more while improving overall operations and efficiencies in 2024. 

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