How Top-Performing Practices are Modernizing Clinical Intake

What You'll Learn:

Enabling patients to complete clinical intake from the comfort of their own homes not only improves satisfaction but streamlines practice efficiency and scalability. Patients want this convenience, and high-growth practices need it.

Successful practices are modernizing their clinical intake process and seeing significant benefits. From cost-savings to staff efficiencies and cleaner patient data capture — see how you could benefit from elevating your clinical intake approach. 

Watch the webinar to see a demonstration of how it works and hear what motivated this high-performing practice to modernizing their clinical intake.

Watch to learn:

  • The top benefits practices achieve by modernizing clinical intake 

  • Key insights on how to streamline patient intake to save time and boost revenue 

  • Best practices for enabling patients to complete pre-check on their own 

  • Results high-growth practices are seeing by offering digital self-service clinical intake


  • Sydnie Murphy |  Patient Access Assistant Manager at Nebraska Orthopaedic Center 
  • Hillary Reichel  |  Director of Implementation at Clearwave