4 Ways to Make Your Revenue Cycle Pay You in Strides

What You'll Learn:

There are numerous roadblocks that healthcare practices face at the front-end of the practice revenue cycle that can lead to profit leakage. No-shows, point-of-service collections and patient data entry errors are some of the most common front-end inputs that lead to challenges later.

Brian Stone, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Clearwave, covers how practice leaders can re-evaluate their approach in each of these areas to minimize profit leakage and create a scalable revenue cycle. The discussion covers healthcare revenue trends and statistics, an approach to estimating revenue and time loss and steps practice leaders can take to improve front-end revenue cycle inputs. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Patient no-show trends and ways to reduce missed appointments 

  • Patient write-off trends and steps to increase point-of-service collections 

  • Claims rejection trends, revenue-impact estimates and steps to improve front-end data entry 

  • How to evaluate the impact of these front-end inputs on your revenue cycle, to find areas of opportunity for improvement 


  • Brian Stone | Chief Strategy Office and Co-Founder of Clearwave