Show Me the Money: Tips for Getting Your Practice Paid

What You'll Learn:

Feeling the pinch of rising operational costs and falling reimbursement rates? Now is the time to fine-tune your revenue collection strategies and secure your practice's financial health for the long term. See what you can put in place today to amplify co-pay and past-due collections tomorrow. Get tips to streamline critical billing processes directly from a practice that’s getting it right! Kristal Niblett, Billing Manager at Annapolis Neurology Associates, shares profit-focused actions you can take right away! 

Watch to hear how to: 

  • Put profit-centric procedures into your practice to boost collections

  • Speed up eligibility verification, especially for self-pay, Medicare/Medicaid patients

  • Get your technology and staff to support revenue-driving actions

Join the live conversation to hear how to:


Kristal Niblett | Billing Manager, Annapolis Neurology Associates