Are Your Revenue KPIs on Cruise Control?

What You'll Learn:

From no-shows to reimbursement, claim rejection rates and refund challenges, uncover the top KPIs that specialty practice leaders care about and—more importantly—how you can amplify them every day. See how you can set key practice KPIs on cruise control and avoid a crash collision toward the red! We peek behind the curtain with Kyle Matthews, CFO at CardioVascular Associates of Mesa and current President Elect of Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio (HLAOH). He’s joined by Senior VP of Customer Success at Clearwave, Elizabeth Jones to discuss how to put your practice on the path to higher profits.

What You’ll Learn:

  • If you’re paying attention to the right KPIs 

  • Key metrics providers, CFOs & board members care about 

  • The leading indicators you can focus on to actively improve your KPIs 

  • How to get provider buy in for tools that will help you amplify revenue results


Kyle Matthews | President Elect, Healthcare Leaders Association of Ohio (HLAOH)

Elizabeth Jones | Senior VP of Customer Success, Clearwave