Lean on Staff? 3 Ways to Build Efficiencies into Your Specialty Practice

What You'll Learn:

With today’s physician and administrative staffing shortages, specialty practices are seeing more patients than they can handle. Whether you’ve already tried to automate tedious administrative responsibilities to lighten the load or think your current solution will suffice — uncover the strategy that will truly put time and money back into your practice. See how one cardiology practice successfully improved staff workloads, while dropping patient wait times, fueling cleaner data and increasing collections. 

The CardioVascular Group’s (CVG) very own Practice Administrator, Jillian Boyd, and Insurance Verifier Lead, Karri Little joined us to share the successful strategies they employed to scale their practice and improve staff workloads. 

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear: 

  • Key strategies and tools employed to effectively reduce workloads and enable growth  

  • Staff and patient testimonials on improved practice efficiencies 

  • What outcomes CVG drove with these strategies


  • Jillian Boyd  | Practice Administrator​, CardioVascular Group​
  • Karri Little  |  Insurance Verifier Lead, CardioVascular Group