Patient Reminders: No Room for No Shows

What You'll Learn:

Patient no-shows have plagued healthcare organizations since the advent of appointments. The loss of revenue, throughput and efficiency are obvious, but the effects of a patient not showing up for an appointment can be felt far and wide. 
In this webinar, we explore the impact of no-show appointments on patients, staff, providers and healthcare organizations. Brooke Dover, Administrator at Alabama Ophthalmology Associates, shares how AOA has decreased their no-shows and the ripple effect it has had on their day-to-day operations. 
 If you have no room for no shows, watch to hear how: 

  • One ophthalmology practice reduced no-shows, to the point where physicians were noticing 
  • To tailor reminders to pediatric, elderly, and millennial patients – with one solution 
  • High-volume clinics and practices can see results with effective reminders 
  • To adjust your approach when no shows seem inevitable 


  • Brooke Dover | Administrator at Alabama Ophthalmology Associates (AOA)