3 Key Ways to Unlock Your Practice's Growth Potential

What You'll Learn:

You’ve got goals, such as: seeing more patients, decreasing no-shows, reducing claims errors and dropping wait times – amongst others. However, the path between where you are now and achieving your goals isn’t always straightforward.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Clearwave Chief Revenue Officer, Bill Otten, where he outlines the exact steps you can take to unlock your practice’s growth potential. You’ll leave this session with a proven strategy for crushing your financial targets while exceeding your patients’ expectations for engagement.

Watch the webinar to hear: 

  • The latest data on patient expectations in healthcare 

  • Steps high-growth practices take to reduce no-shows, wait times & claims rejections 

  • Why point-of-service collections are vital and how to unlock their full potential at your practice 

  • How a better patient experience translates to better business outcomes 


  • Bill Otten |  Chief Revenue Officer, Clearwave