The Future is Here

How Kiosks Have Changed Patient Expectations

What You'll Learn:

From airports to drive-throughs and even your patient’s other specialty care providers — self-service kiosks have become the norm. Patients of all ages, including baby boomers, have become accustomed to using kiosks and other self-service modalities to check-in for a flight, order a meal or register at other specialty practices. The future is here, are you prepared?  

Nick Bartelloni, Director of Strategic Accounts at Clearwave, shares where patient expectations stand and how self-service registration can help your practice enable faster time-to-revenue, drive cleaner claims and increase patient throughput. 

Watch the Webinar to Hear: 

  • How patients are becoming accustomed to self-service kiosks in their everyday lives 

  • The revenue benefit practices see after implementing self-service registration

  • How patient-led registration decreases wait times, while increasing collections 


  • Nick Bartelloni | Director of Strategic Accounts, Clearwave