The Key to Booking More Patients Than Ever Before

What You'll Learn:

What are the key steps to bringing in more patients, without overburdening staff or marketing budgets?

Find out how high-growth practices are increasing their patient base and filling last-minute scheduling gaps, despite operating in a highly competitive market.

Jennifer Lott, Director of Operations at The Orthopaedic Group, shares the key steps their practice used to increase patients and scheduling accuracy, while reducing staff workloads. 

Watch the webinar to hear: 

  • Key ways to make 24/7 online scheduling work for your practice 
  • How to automate complex scheduling workflows to meet provider needs 
  • The staffing & patient acquisition benefits of digital self-scheduling  
  • How to maximize the productivity of your most valuable asset: your providers 
  • How patients prefer to schedule their healthcare appointments


  • Jennifer Lott  |  Director of Operations at The Orthopaedic Group