Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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While technology can aid in keeping us safe, it won’t stop the spread on its own. Here are some tips and best practices offered up by the CDC to prevent the spread inside the four walls of your facility.

  • Healthcare providers should try to stay at least six feet away from patients in close proximity for long periods of time.
  • Patients experiencing symptoms should be isolated from others until coronavirus can be ruled out.
  • Healthcare practitioners should avoid all contact with bodily fluids, including saliva or blood.
  • Staff should wear facemasks as well as protective eyewear when treating anyone experiencing symptoms.
  • Practices should routinely clean and disinfect healthcare settings, including self check-in equipment, door handles, countertops, bathrooms etc.
  • Practices should promote hand hygiene for both staff and patients:
    • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer after all patient interactions.
    • Promote washing of hands even after wearing gloves or protective gear.

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Infographic for Your Patients